Guests with Special Dietary Requirements

It is not uncommon for one or more of your wedding guests to have a food related

This doesn’t need to be a problem.   I can make individual cakes that are made and packaged separately to your wedding cake, ensuring that all of your guests can enjoy cake regardless of their dietary needs.  Every effort is made to make sure these special dietary requirement cakes do not come into contact with other ingredients that are used in the same premises.

I am able to make cakes that are wheat and gluten free or dairy free and cakes suitable for vegetarians. These cakes are approximately 7cm (3”) in diameter and are iced and decorated to match your wedding theme.

photo-2Each individual cake will be packaged in an acetate box with a small label on the back of the box stating the dietary requirement that has been catered for e.g. wheat and gluten free. The box is tied with a ribbon (matching your wedding colour theme) and with a name label attached.

Alternatively some brides choose to have a top tier cake for guests who have special dietary requirements.